Enhanced Recovery

In 1878 Florence Nightingale wrote: “keep no patient in hospital a day longer than is absolutely necessary. The patient may have to recover not only from illness or injury but from hospital”

Currently, we should not keep a patient in hospital a minute more than is absolutely necessary!

For all patients, this reduces the risks of infection, DVT and Covid-19.

For the NHS, it frees beds for other patients who need them.

For self paying patients it saves them the risks and as a bonus saves them a lot of money.

Through our minimally invasive surgery and enhanced recovery protocols we can provide the best service at a lower risk and much lower cost. This is a great example of how the best care can actually be cheaper.

Enhanced recovery following minimally invasive total hip replacement.
Enhanced recovery following a partial knee replacement.
Excellent range of movement 1 hour following total knee replacement completely pain free